Dreyfuss and Rhames to Fight Killer Fish

Richard Dreyfuss and Ving Rhames to co-star in killer fish movie “Piranha 3D”? Okay, so Ving Rhames, I can believe. The guy has always had questionable choices in roles, but Richard Dreyfuss? Richard Friggin Dreyfuss in what sounds very much like a B-level Creature Feature? Who does he think he is, Elisabeth Shue? Mind you, not that there’s anything wrong with being in a movie about killer fish, after all, isn’t that one of Dreyfuss’s most famous movies?

According to STYD, Dreyfuss’ role won’t be a very big one. In fact, he may just show up for a few minutes in a cameo, perhaps to wink at the audience and remind them of his role in “Jaws”. Rhames, on the other hand, has no such history with killer fishes, so his role is probably a decent sized one. Unfortunately for his career.

“Piranha 3D” is, as the name implies, in 3D, and will be directed by Alejandra Aja (“Mirrors”) and star Elisabeth Shue as a tough Sheriff who has to stop the fishes before they take over the world. Or probably eat her kid or something.

Piranha 3D (2010) Movie Poster