Drive Angry with Nicolas Cage. In 3D!

With a title like “Drive Angry”, this has gotta be a tongue-in-cheek action movie, right? They’re not taking this seriously, are they? Perhaps they are. THR’s Heat Vision Blog says Nicolas Cage will star in the revenge action thriller for Nu Image/Millenium Films, that will have the former “Ghost Rider” star playing a dad who goes on the road to avenge the murder of his daughter. And oh yeah, it appears the bad guys have also absconded with Cage’s granddaughter.

Yeah, Cage is now playing grandfathers. An angry, revenge-seeking granddaddy. Where did all the time go?

“Drive Angry” will be directed by Patrick Lussier, who genre fans may know from his myriad of straight-to-DVD horror sequels. Basically, if you saw a direct-to-DVD horror movie sequel in the last year, Lussier either produced, wrote, or directed it. In some cases, all three.

Lussier recently hit the big time with the remake of “My Bloody Valentine”, which was also shot in 3D. Lussier will now return to the format with “Drive Angry”, a movie he wrote with Todd Farmer, so expect plenty of flying car and body parts, not to mention Nicolas Cage’s receding hairline in 3D. Now that’s 3D-tastic!

This won’t be the first car-heavy movie for Cage. He was the star of “Gone in 60 Seconds” about a bunch of car thieves. That film also starred a pre-Lara Croft actress by the name of Angelina Jolie. Word is she’s gone on to do some okay movies.

Nicolas Cage is driving angry. No, really, he just hides it well.

Nicolas Cage is driving angry. No, really, he just hides it well.