Dubya is a Ladies Man

Go figure. And here I thought George Dubya Bush was just a dumbass from Texas who won the Presidency when he fished out a secret decoder ring at the bottom of a cereal box. Apparently, according to Oliver Stone and the writers of “W.”, the ol Texas dog had a little hunt in him, as we like to say down here in Hicksville. (You know Hicksville? Any place not called California or New York? But I digress.) Here’s a clip from “W.”, which shows off Josh Brolin as Dubya putting the finishing moves on his soon-to-be-wife Laura (played by Elizabeth Banks).

You know what would shock the hell out of everyone about “W.”? If it turns out Stone was being honest all along when he said he was doing an honest and fair movie (or at least, anything other than an odious hit piece) on Bush. Can you imagine in today’s Hollywood, making a movie that doesn’t spend 2 hours calling Bush STOOOOOOOOOPID, but actually tries to understand the man, warts and all? Oooooh boy.

Then again, the posters for “W.” would sure seem to contradict that I just said above. Eh, here’s hoping Stone grew some balls while making the movie and decided to stop being another cog in the lock-step Hollywood machine. (God, sometimes my optimism makes me sick.)

From CNN, of all places: