Dumbest Movie Rumor of the Year: Worthington to Replace Bale as Batman

This has got to be the dumbest movie rumor of the year: Australia’s HeraldSun is actually reporting that Sam Worthington is being “tipped” (whatever the hell that means) to replace Christian Bale as Batman in the third “Batman Begins” movie. You know, the one that has made a gazillion bucks with Christian Bale so far? Yeah, that one. I can only assume that being the HeraldSun is Australian, they’re just trying to boost a fellow Aussie’s profile. Either that, or they’re just dumb.

The HeraldSun has no sources (or at least, they didn’t mention any), only that “industry gossip” is the origins of this ridiculous rumor:

Industry gossip now suggests the rising Australian star could score the part of Batman in the third instalment of the successful prequel franchise.

That could mean replacing Bale, his Terminator co-star and The Dark Knight lead, whose profile was damaged after his infamous “me, me, me” meltdown on the Terminator set, which recently hit the internet.

Hah! Right. Warner Bros. is going to replace Bale with Worthington because Bale went on a F-bomb rant on a movie set a few months back, something that no one will remember in two years when Batman 3 rolls around. As if that could happen. Why, it’s almost as ridiculous as Stephen Chow even entertaining the idea of playing second fiddle to Seth Rogen in a “Green Hornet” film… Oh wait. Nevermind.

Still, I call B$ on this one.

Below: “Eff you if you think you’re replacing me as Batman, Worthington! Eff you up your effing effer!”