Duncan Jones Set to Unravel World of Warcraft Movie’s Source Code

World of Warcraft Game“Moon” and “Source Code” director Duncan Jones is taking the leap into big-budget Summer tentpole films, signing on to direct the “World of Warcraft” movie for Legendary Pictures.

Sam Raimi was originally supposed to adapt Blizzard Entertainment’s bestselling series of MMORPG games, but has since moved on to other obligations. (Like most A-list directors, Sam Raimi gets attached to lots of films, so it was no real surprise he finally left “Warcraft” to someone else.)

If you don’t know anything about “World of Warcraft”, then join the club. It’s a hugely popular online game that has sold millions of copies, and depending on your taste, you can apparently play versions of the game involving everything from “dragons and orcs, zombies and werewolves, and aliens and spaceships”. Now that’s what I call eclectic gaming.

Legendary Pictures already have a script by Charles Leavitt in their hands, and are looking at a possible fall 2013 start date for a 2015 release date.

I’m frankly very curious how they’re going to adapt this. One way is to simply pick a storyline from the various games in the mythos and adapt that. That would be the simplest and, I assume, what the game’s fans would want from the movie. Another way is to do something within the world, but with an original story created for the movie. Or they could always do the whole “Tron” deal, where a guy from our world gets pulled into the World of Warcraft world, or something similar.

However they decide to approach it, let’s all cross our fingers and hope it’s better than those “Dungeons and Dragons” movies…

Duncan Jones on the set of Source Code (2011) Movie Image

Via : THR