DVD Artwork, Special Features For Shane Acker’s 9

9MovieMuch to my worldly dismay, I was one of the many people who missed Shane Acker’s animated tale “9” in theaters earlier this year. Although word of mouth on the post-apocalyptic tale has been more than a little wonky, I’m still quite anxious to see the film for myself. According to home video gurus DVDActive, “9” will find its way onto Region 1 DVD on December 29th, though I strongly suspect that this date will change at the 11th hour in order to efficiently maximize holiday sales figures. I’ve seen it happen time and time again. When it comes to post-Christmas December release schedules, you can always bet on a little rearranging. Always.

In addition to the movie itself, here’s a list of the special feature which accompany it:

Commentary by Director Shane Acker, Animation Director Joe Ksander, Head of Story Ryan O’Loughlin, Editor Nick Kenway
9 (the original short)
9 – The Long and the Short of It Featurette
The Look of 9 Featurette
Acting Out Featurette

The Blu-Ray will carry two additional features, including “On Tour with Shane Acker” and “U Control Feature,” the latter of which I’m hopelessly clueless about. And if you’re still in the dark about what to get me for Christmas this year, feel free to bump this baby to the top of the list.

The DVD artwork is included below.