DVD Giveaway: Finnish Horror Movie Dark Floors

All you wanna do is take your kid to the hospital to get some much-needed medical treatment, and what happens? Next thing you know, you’re running from demon-looking monsters with claws the size of your head. That’s what happens in the Finnish horror movie “Dark Floors”, which is currently available on DVD from Ghost House Underground and Lionsgate. But why buy a copy when you can win one for free? We are giving away three (3) copies of Pete Riski’s “Dark Floors” to three lucky winners. How to win? See below, buckaroos.

How to Enter: Simple. Send an email to general@beyondhollywood.com with the subject header: “Dark Floors DVD Giveaway”. You don’t have to include your name or snail mail with the email entry, I will ask for that later if you’re one of our winners. Two weeks from now (that would be May 8), I will randomly draw three (3) winners from the entrants. The winners will then be notified, and you will have one week to email me back your snail mail address, or else you will default your prize to someone else. Could it get any simpler than that? I think not. Open to all entrants.


Concerned for his autistic daughter’s health, Ben sees a removal from the hospital by force as the only option. An elevator break-down prevents a smooth exit and renders father and daughter trapped with hospital staff and other patients. Yet the incident is only the beginning of a descent into nightmare. As the doors open the hospital appears mysteriously deserted. When mutilated bodies are found, creatures from a dark world start a frightening attack. It soon becomes clear that the survival of the group may rest solely on the little girl.

“Dark Floors” is currently available at Play.com. Click here to Purchase.