DVD Giveaway: HBO’s Angel Rodriguez

“From HBO Films. Rachel Griffiths and new comer Jonan Everett star in the story of a counselor and the troubled inner-city teenager she is trying to help, both of who are at turning points in their lives. Angel acts out by stealing, lying, fighting with his father, and undermining every opportunity he is given, and seems headed for the streets. Taking place on a single pivotal day, the film challenges commonly accepted beliefs about altruism. The DVD is in stores now.”

Want to win your free copy of “Angel Rodriguez” on DVD? You’re in luck!

Courtesy of HBO, we are giving away 10 (ten) copies of the “Angel Rodriguez” DVD, and all you have to do to enter the drawing is email me at nix(at)beyondhollywood.com with your name and snail mail address (with “Angel Rodriguez DVD Giveaway” in the subject line), and when the contest ends on December 15th, ten lucky winners will be drawn at random and their DVD copy sent out to them.

Now isn’t that easy? Heck, it’s so easy I should charge you just for making it so easy! But I won’t. Because I’m nice.

Good luck!