DVD Giveaway: Horror Movie Shuttle

Who doesn’t like a vacation trip? It’s the return home that sucks. For the characters in the horror movie “Shuttle”, the trip home is about to get very deadly. The film stars Peyton List, Tony Curran, Cameron Goodman, and is written and directed by Edward Anderson. It’s available on DVD now, but why buy when you can win a copy for free? Thanks to Metrodome, we’re giving away three (3) copies of the “Shuttle” DVD to three lucky winners. See below for details.

How to Enter: Simple. Send an email to general@beyondhollywood.com with the subject header: “Shuttle DVD Giveaway”. You don’t have to include your name or snail mail with the email entry, I will ask for that later if you’re one of our winners. Two weeks from now (that would be May 15), I will randomly draw three (3) winners from the entrants. The winners will then be notified, and you will have one week to email me back your snail mail address, or else you will default your prize to someone else. Could it get any simpler than that? I think not. Open to all entrants.

When Mel and Jules return from a girls’ weekend vacation, they find themselves stranded at the airport, late on a rain-drenched night. Wanting nothing more than to get home safe and sound, they board an airport shuttle with a helpful Driver and a trio of other passengers. But what begins as a short ride home slowly descends into darkness after a detour into a seedy neighborhood leads to a series of terrifying events.

As the night wears on, the Driver forces each passenger in turn to perform simple, yet strange tasks, and Mel begins to suspect there is something more sinister at work than a simple robbery. It is only in the final shocking conclusion that Mel and Jules discover the Driver’s true intentions and must summon all their wits to save themselves.

“Shuttle” is currently available at Play.com. Click here to Purchase.