DVD Giveaway: Vinnie Jones in Assault on Darkness

When darkness attacks Vinnie Jones, Vinnie Jones assaults it right back. Cause that’s just how Vinnie Jones rolls. Check out the latest from the “Midnight Meat Train” star, a horror movie called “Assault the Darkness” (known as “Legend of the Bog” in the States) that will be released on DVD August 17, 2009. But hey, why buy it when you can win a copy for free? Thanks to the fine folks at Metrodome, we have three (3) DVD copies of “Assault on Darkness” to give away to three brave winners. More details about the movie and giveaway below.

The Movie:

When the depths of an old swamp are inadvertently disturbed, the body of a man who was murdered over 2,000 years ago is awakened and rises to brutally revenge his death. Now, it’s up to a group of strangers lead by a mysterious hunter (VINNIE JONES) to venture in to the dark wilderness to put an end to the rampaging evil.

ASSAULT OF DARKNESS is an exhilarating action horror in the tradition of PREDATOR, THE DESCENT and Steven Segal’s AGAINST THE DARK.

Starring Vinnie Jones, Jason Barry, Nora-Jane Noone, Adam Fogerty, Gavin Kelty, Amy Huberman, Shelly Goldstein, and Olga Wehrly. Written and directed by Brendan Foley.


How to Enter: UPDATED

Once again, someone has listed us on an online sweepstakes site, and now I’m getting deluged with entries from a bunch of people who have never heard or even visited the site. Since the giveaway (intended for our readers) has essentially been tainted, I will now discount all entries that were sent since the sweepstakes site posted our information. If you still want to enter, send an email to XXX with the words “Vinnie Jones DVD Giveaway” in the subject header, and in the body, copy/paste the headline of the most current news story on the front page. (Yes, this will change from hour to hour, day to day, but as long as you took a peek at the front page before sending in your entry, I’ll know you have visited the site.) The giveaway will expire on August 13, 2009. I have decided to end this giveaway today because of an inability to sift between the online sweepstakes people and our readers. Do not send me anymore entrants.