DVD Specs for Danny Boyle’s Sunshine

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I was really looking forward to Danny Boyle’s first foray into science fiction, “Sunshine”, then I heard some bad things about it, then some good things, an when I finally saw it, I really liked it. It had that perfect combination of paranoia and suspense and contemplation that really appeals to me. But in any case, the DVD is coming soon, and the guys over at Fangoria have your specs for the DVD courtesy of Fox Home Entertainment. The film starred Cillian Murphy, Rose Byrne, and Chris Evans as crewmembers on a doomed spaceship hurtling toward the sun; their mission is to re-ignite the sun using a nuclear payload at any cost, or the human race will become extinct.

DVD specs from Fangoria:

• Audio commentary by Boyle
• 13 deleted scenes, including an alternate ending, with optional Boyle commentary
• Web production diaries:
-Danny Boyle Introduction
-Zero G Flight
-Cillian Murphy
-Pre Viz
-Science of the Sun
-Troy Garity Harvey Introduction
-Voice of Icarus
-Michelle and O2 Garden
-Anita Screens
-Alwin Kuchler
-Cliff Curtis
-Bumps and Stunts
-The Science of Space Travel Physiology
-Space Suit
-Rose Intro
-Love Letters
-Chris Evans
-Big Bangs
-The Science Of Sun Death
• DAD’S DEAD short film by Chris Shepherd
• MOLE HILLS short film by Dan Arnold

Get the whole shebang for $29.98 retail price for the regular DVD (it’ll probably be lower by the time it reaches your DVD store shelves) and a Blu-ray edition will run you $39.98 or thereabouts.

DVD Specs for Danny Boyle’s Sunshine

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