Dwayne Johnson Confirms He’s Playing Black Adam in a Shazam Movie

Dwayne Johnson in Hercules (2014) Movie Image

I’ve been hearing about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson starring in a D.C. movie for years now. Usually from Johnson himself. Like his buddy Vin Diesel, you’ll never confuse Johnson with someone who doesn’t mind promoting himself every chance he gets. He does have his roots in the WWE, so I guess it comes with the territory.

Anyway, with his physique, let’s face it, the guy was made to play a superhero character, so it makes some sense that he’d be going that route sooner or later.

It’s been 7 long years since Johnson was originally linked to a “Shazam” movie, but it looks like things are now finally official: According to a recent tweet, Johnson seems to have confirmed that he’s starring in a “Shazam” movie as the villainous Black Adam. A “Shazam” movie, presumably, would be part of Warner Bros./D.C.’s mega line-up that they recently announced as part of their attempt at aping Marvel launching a D.C. Cinematic Universe that will kick-off with Zack Snyder’s “Batman v. Superman” in 2016.

Here’s Johnson’s tweet:

Well, playing the villain in a major comic book movie is a better payoff then when his buddy Vin Diesel was teasing us about a “major” role in a Marvel movie, only to end up playing a talking tree…that could only say his own name.