Dwayne Johnson Confirms He’s Up for Lobo

Dwayne Johnson

We’re still one day post-Comic Con, so the comic book-related news are still coming through fast and furious. Up next: what’s the deal with the “Lobo” movie?

The deal is, according to Dwayne Johnson himself, yes, he is in talks to play The Main Man in D.C.’s “Lobo” movie. The man formerly known as The Rock recently responded to a Twitter follower’s question on the subject in the affirmative:

A “Lobo” movie has been in the works at Warner Bros. for a while, with Guy Ritchie originally attached to direct. Ritchie has since left, with “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” director Brad Peyton recently taking over the property, which is still in the early development stages. Which means the movie could go either way — it could end up getting lost in development hell, which is not unusual for big comic book movies; or it could move forward, which would, frankly, be a surprise to me, as I honestly have a hard time envisioning a live-action “Lobo” movie.

But hey, I love the character, and would love to see it on the big screen. I just, you know, don’t think it will ever happen. Here’s hoping, though…

Lobo Comic Book

Via : Twitter (h/t David)