Dwayne Johnson Will Pit his Muscles Against the Ocean in Not Without Hope

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson has big muscles, but it’ll take more than that to beat the enemy in his new movie “Not Without Hope”.

Johnson, a former college football player turned wrestler turned actor, will be playing the lead in Relativity’s “Not Without Hope”, an adaptation of the real-life memoir by ex-football player Nick Schuyler. Johnson will play Schuyler, who along with four friends “were on a fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico when their boat capsized, stranding the four men at sea.”

I actually remember hearing about this story on the news, but it was one of those one-day-and-done things and I don’t recall very much about it. It wasn’t a “Captain Phillips” type story, with hijackers and AK-47s, so it didn’t really have “legs”, as they say.

Of course, whether the film actually gets made or not is another matter. Johnson has been attached to a bunch of films these days, including the recent “SEAL Team 666”, and unless I’m wrong, he’s also contractually obligated to 60 more “Fast and Furious” movies. Or thereabouts.

The real Nick Schuyler

Via : Variety