Dwayne Johnson Will Punch Earthquakes in Disaster Movie San Andreas

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson is a tough man. He’s battled drug dealers, ninjas, Cobra, and Vin Diesel. Now he’s going to punch earthquakes.

Or at least, he’ll star in a new Earthquake movie called “San Andreas”. Same difference.

The ridiculously pumped, er, Johnson has signed on as the male lead in the disaster film “San Andreas”, where he’ll play a “rugged” rescue-helicopter pilot who must rescue his estranged daughter after a devastating earthquake hits California and, we imagine, threaten to dump it back into the ocean where it belongs.

Johnson will be re-teaming with director Brad Peyton on the film, the two having previously worked together on “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island”.

The Roland Emmerich-ish flick has a tentative April 2014 start date, with a 2015 release date in the works. If they’ll smart, they’ll steer clear of 2015’s comic book movies. The Rock is one tough hombre, but he ain’t gonna outslug Marvel and D.C. for 2015 supremacy.

Via : THR