Dylan Baker Confirms his Return to Spidey 4

So what do we know about “Spider-Man 4” so far? We know that Sam Raimi is a liar when he tells us they haven’t decided on a villain yet, especially when Gary Ross has been chugging through the script for a while now. We know that Tobey Maguire is coming back as Spider-Man, and Kirsten Dunst will also return as spunky Mary Jane Watson. We know that Bruce Campbell will make his usual appearance in the fourth movie, though it may or may not be a bigger role than usual. And we know that Professor Curt Connors, played by Dylan Baker, will also be back.

The news of Connors’ involvement in the fourth Spidey film comes from Baker himself, who was doing press rounds for his horror movie “Trick R Treat” when the subject came up. According to Baker, he got a call earlier in the day (presumably from his agent or manager) confirming his character’s return to the Spidey franchise, and perhaps — the emergence of the Lizard?

As comic book geeks already know, one of Spider-Man’s college professors is one Curt Connors (you might recall him in the third movie, the one-armed professor?), who eventually becomes the supervillain The Lizard when he injects himself with a serum derived from reptiles in an attempt to regrow his missing arm. Yes, that kind of plotting is perfectly acceptable (nay, logical) in the comic book world. The experiment works, but with one notable side effect: Connors also turns into a human-sized Lizard and fights Spider-Man.

Ah, such is life in the Spidey-verse.

Hold still, Spidey, while I eat you! Yum, spider brunch!

Hold still, Spidey, while I eat you! Yum, spider brunch!