Eastwood’s Gran Torino is NOT a Dirty Harry Sequel

When news that Clint Eastwood was set to make a movie called “Gran Torino”, some guy who knew some one who owned a Gran Torino car wrote in to AICN and told them that it was, in fact, a “Dirty Harry” sequel. Turns out, not so much. Instead, news has surfaced that “Gran Torino” is in fact about a 1972 car of the same name, but it’s also a “witty, coming-of-age, buddy comedy” about a grumpy old guy (the owner of the car) and a 15-year old Asian kid who tries to steal the car from him, gets caught, and hilarity ensues.

The boys at Moviehole breaks it down for us:

The car is the prized possession of the film’s central character (he doesn’t budge when his granddaughter mentions that she’d like the car when pop finally keels over) a senior named Walt, grandfather and local sour-puss. When a local Asian boy named Tao attempts to steal the car, Walt, against the advice of others (largely the local priest), forms his own form of punishment.
Ultimately, Walt sets Tao on the right path – giving him a job (even if it’s just doing things around the house for the old man) and teaching him how to communicate with others (there’s some VERY funny stuff in it where Walt has Tao practice his newly honed-speaking skills on the local Barber).

Yes, despite its dramatic moments, this is a comedy – a witty, coming-of-age, buddy comedy (yes, you can have all three) with heart. You’ve probably seen similar films, but I’m sure this’ll have the Eastwood touch. If it reminds me of anything Eastwood’s done in the past it’s “A Perfect World”, where kidnapper Kevin Costner befriends the young boy he has snatched.

So there you go. NOT a “Dirty Harry” sequel. Oh well, the man is pretty old, so maybe it’s for the best, don’t you think? There’s nothing worst than someone’s grandpa trying to act 20. (And yes, Indiana Jones, I am talking about you.)

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