Echelon Conspiracy Poster, Images, and Trailer

Remember when Shane West was supposed to be the huge star that Shia LaBeouf now is? Basically, Shia LaBeouf has taken all the roles that were supposed to go to West back when West was still Shane West, including doing a little movie called “Eagle Eye” before West finished his own version of it called “Echelon Conspiracy”. In “Echelon”, West plays an American engineer who is overseas to do something brilliant, but ends up getting a mysterious cellphone that tells him groovy things like how not to die in a plane explosion and which slot machine will give him instant wealth. Of course, with good fortune comes bad times, as mysterious guys with guns start trying to kill him, and the cellphone proves to be a temperamental biotch. I wonder if he gets free data with that phone plan?

Mysterious cell phone messages promise a young American engineer untold wealth — then make him the target of a deadly international plot. Dangerous security operatives chase the engineer across the globe, while a powerful government official pursues a mysterious agenda that threatens the stability of the entire world.

Starring Shane West, Edward Burns as the Brooklyn Fed who helps him out, Ving Rhames as the black Fed who tries to kill him, Martin Sheen as the head of the Feds trying to kill him, and Tamara Feldman as the hot ass-kicking girl with an ulterior motive, although that doesn’t stop her from sleeping with him. The whole shebang is directed by Greg Marcks (“11:14”). has the film listed as a February 20, 2009 release. I’m gonna guest straight-to-DVD on this one.