Eckhart, Robb, and Bean Cast in Peter Pan Serial Killer Movie

I gotta be honest with you, I don’t know what they’re thinking with this one. Sure, it’s fine to envision a classic as a “dark” tale, but damn, throwing in a serial killer? Yikes. I’m not exactly an expert on Peter Pan, but I’m reasonably certain there wasn’t a serial killer in the original tale. I could be wrong, of course.

Anyways, there’s a new “take” on “Peter Pan” that Screen Daily says is set to be directed by Ben Hibon from a screenplay by Ben Magid. The film, which was originally intended as a directing vehicle for Guillermo del Toro, will re-imagine Captain Hook (Aaron EckHart) as “a tormented former detective on the trail of a childlike kidnapper.” Meanwhile, “Soul Surfer’s” AnnaSophia Robb will play Wendy, “the lone survivor who leaves an asylum to help in the hunt.”

The ever-busy Sean Bean has also joined the cast as Smee, “the chief detective and Hook’s only ally on the force.”

The producers, like pretty much every movie producer in the business today, is trying to sell the film over at Cannes during the big shindig.