Fox Puts the Spotlight on Ed Brubaker’s Incognito Comic Book

For a while there, a day didn’t go by without some two-bit producer announcing that they had acquired some comic book that no one had ever heard of with intentions of turning it into a movie. Of course, 90% of them never came to fruition, and the whole rush to grab the next “300” seemed to have worn off. But here’s a good idea for a movie: 20th Century Fox has announced a movie based on Ed Brubaker’s limited series “Incognito”, which certainly seems like it could very well make it onto the big screen, thanks to the presence of a studio already at its back.

Deadline reports that Fox has acquired the screen rights to Brubaker’s “Incognito”, which focuses on a former supervillain name Zack Overkill who, along with his late twin brother, did very, very bad things for a superpower criminal gang led by the very deadly The Black Death. After he and his bro are double-crossed by the even badder guys, Zack goes on the lam, entering a Witness Protection of sorts for supervillains. He’s given drugs by the Government that keeps his powers at bay, and spends his days slaving away in the mail room of an office building. Basically, he goes from badass supervillain to 9-to-5 nobody who can’t get laid.

It’s actually one of the better comic books I’ve read in recent years, and I’ve wondered how long it would take someone in Hollywood to notice and snap it up for a movie. The hero even somewhat turns his life around by becoming a vigilante, though honestly, he does it more for the ability to break teeth than, you know, to save people. Nevertheless, his exploits eventually attract the attention of his old supervillain acquaintances, and they come calling. Eventually, Zack learns the truth about his dead twin brother, about the Black Death, and about his own origins.

It’s a doozy of a comic book and a very breezy read, so if you haven’t picked it up, I suggest doing so. The artwork by Sean Phillips is also excellent, and fits with the pulp style Brubaker was going for. Fox has already assigned a Pulitzer Prize winning writer in Robert Schenkkan to pen the adaptation, which just goes to show you, man, everyone will do anything to keep working in this economy, am I right?