Edison Chen is So F–ked Update: Retirement?

As much as I marvel at the insanity surrounding the Edison Chen sex scandal, I marvel more at the kid’s game. Again, you gotta consider the circumstances: a supporting actor, mildly okay looking, manages to not only land some of Hong Kong’s hottest starlets, but get them to agree to take pictures “in the act”, too! One word: Edison Chen has got game, baby! But alas, that game may have cost him a Hong Kong movie career.


Edison Chen, the actor and pop star at the center of the three week long celebrity photos scandal, Thursday announced that he will “step away from the Hong Kong entertainment industry.”

Retirement will take effect as soon as he has completed his current obligations.

“I will be away from Hong Kong entertainment indefinitely. There is no time frame,” he said at a press conference.

Chen said that he had chosen to retire as “society as a whole has begun to be affected (by the scandal).”

Note that he said he’ll be out of the industry “indefinitely”, which is not the same as, “Dudes, I’m gone, eat my dust”. My guess is he’ll return to Canada or wherever he currently resides, give it a few years, then come back to Hong Kong and continue his career as the leading man’s best friend.

Then again, the Hong Kong triad could get a hold of him and chop off that hand as they are wont to do for screwing with their profit margins.

Edison Chen is So F–ked Update: Retirement?