Edison Chen is So F–ked

Asian movie watchers will recognize the name Edison Chen. Besides a slew of Hong Kong movies, Chen has begun to make inroads into Hollywood productions, with roles in “The Grudge 2” and Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight”. All of that success may get flushed down the toilet due to a sex scandal that has been raging in Hong Kong for the last two weeks, all centered around hundreds of lascivious photos showing Chen and a slew of famous female celebrities that have been leaked onto the Internet.

It’s kind of ironic if you think about it. The Canadian/Chinese Edison Chen’s downfall may be because of his greatest accomplishments — that is, how in the world did a B-list actor known more for “best friend” roles in Hong Kong movies manage not only to get Chinese mega stars like Gillian Chung and Cecilia Cheung in the sack, but also to convince them to let him take pictures of them “in the act”?

Variety has a rundown of what the scandal may cost Mister Chen:

Chen could soon find himself cut out of the business. He stars in “Jump,” a pic produced by Stephen Chow’s Star Overseas and bankrolled by Columbia Pictures Film Production Asia.

Hong Kong papers have reported that the pic will now reshoot and leave Chen’s scenes on the cutting room floor. A Columbia spokesman would not confirm, but said that a release date had never been fixed. He told Variety, “Star Overseas asked us if we want them to re-edit and trim some scenes, and we are exploring that option now.”

Chen is also due to appear in Joel Schumacher’s “The Dark Knight,” and his role there may also come in for review.

Most pressing is some kind of decision on “Sniper,” an actioner backed by Media Asia that is due for release in March, but over which now hangs serious question marks.

And of course, there’s the Mainland Chinese Government to deal with. If they don’t toss Chen in prison (and don’t say it can’t happen), he’s liable to get drummed out of the film business entirely. Maybe it’s time to buy a ticket back to Canada, Edison.

We’re not going to post those sex pictures in question, of course, but in the interest of journalism (*cough*just go along with it*cough*) here’s a link to a site that is hosting them.

Edison Chen is So F–ked