Eduardo Noriega vs. Ah-nuld in Last Stand

Eduardo NoriegaLooks like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s comeback movie “Last Stand” has founds its villain — Spanish actor Eduardo Noriega, last seen in the Western “Blackthorn”, will put his muscles on the line against the former Governator in director Kim Ji-Woon’s Hollywood debut.

In “Last Stand”, Schwarzenegger would play the sheriff of a sleepy border town who must rustle up his inexperienced staff to stop a fugitive Mexican drug cartel leader bent on fleeing South. Noriega would play Cortez, said drug cartel leader, who has $400 million in his possession and a Gumpert Apollo sports car (below) to help with his escape. The car was originally supposed to have a really big part in the movie, but that might have changed over time.

Rodrigo Santoro, Jaimie Alexander, Peter Stormare and Zach Gilford are also in the cast, with Santoro and Alexander playing two of Schwarzenegger’s deputies, and Stormare playing one of Cortez’s hoodlums trying to facilitate his boss’s escape.

Lionsgate has “Last Stand” scheduled for January 18, 2013, which is quite a far ways off, especially with production already penciled in to start before the end of this month in New Mexico.

Gumpert Apollo Sports Car

Via : Variety