Edward Norton Talks Hulk

Just to be clear, says Edward Norton, his version of The Hulk in the upcoming “The Incredible Hulk” has nothing to do with Ang Lee’s 2003 version of The Hulk. In fact, Norton turned down the role a couple of times until they told him he could re-write the script, which he sees as the first of many. In an interview with Total Film Magazine, Norton talks about the Hulk and more.


“First off it’s utterly unrelated to that film,” he said, in this month’s Total Film magazine.

“This is in no way a response to it or picking up from it.

“I think like Chris Nolan and those guys did with Batman, we just said: ‘We’re going to start completely with our own version of this myth or saga.’

“To me the whole thing was to envision it in multiple parts,” he said.

“We left a lot out on purpose. It’s definitely intended as chapter one.”

Edward Norton as a comic book movie writer? I was doubtful when the story first broke months ago, because frankly, the idea of Norton writing a comic book movie just sounded so…weird. But hey, he’s a talented guy, and he sure seems to have really gotten into it, so that bodes well.

Edward Norton Talks Hulk