Producer Edward Pressman Updates us on The Reinvention of The Crow

Edward R. PressmanI really wish producer Edward Pressman would let Eric Draven and the Crow die. Pressman already got a hit film out of it in Alex Proyas’ 1994 adaptation with Brandon Lee, and he even managed a theatrical sequel with “The Crow: City of Angels”. Four movies (including two abysmal direct-to-DVD sequels) and a TV series later, and Pressman is still pressing on (ahem) with a fifth/rebooted installment.

Pressman, who has just acquired the film rights to the comic book “Feeding Ground”, was recently asked about the status of “The Crow” reboot, about which he had this to say:

The original 1994 “Crow” film holds a special place in my heart. The current film is a “reinvention” of James O’Barr’s graphic novel for the 21st Century. We’re thrilled to have teamed with director Javier Gutierrez and screenwriter Jesse Wigutow on this story, which remains true to the core of Eric Draven’s plight for revenge.

Sigh. I guess that means he’s still moving forward on it. What’s there to say? I wish he wasn’t, but he’s not going to listen to me, or you, or anyone else. Apparently Edward Pressman thinks there is still money to be made with The Crow, and he won’t be deterred.

So will we ever see “The Crow” reboot — ahem, I mean, reinvention — on the big screen one of these days? I’m guessing yes. Despite all its travails (losing a couple of actors and directors, to name just a few), it’s still a branded property, and in today’s age of Superhero Movies cleaning up at the big screen, I suppose Pressman would be a fool not to do it.

As a fan of O’Barr’s books, and the Proyas movie, I sure wish he wasn’t, though…

Brandon Lee in The Crow (1994) Movie Image

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