Edwin A. Salt is now Erika Salt

According to Production Weekly via Dark Horizons, the spy thriller that Tom Cruise was formerly attached to star in, “Edwin A. Salt”, has since been retitled “Erika Salt” in order to accommodate the recent gender switcheroo involving the lead — from The Cruiser to hot gun-packing momma Angelina Jolie. Still, they couldn’t keep the “A.” in the title? Chicks don’t have middle initials or something? Anyhoo. I’m still not sure why they decided to title the movie after the lead character. Couldn’t they have found a better title? How about, “Wanted More”, or, “Tomb Raider Wanted” or something. You know, to cash in on Jolie’s very credible status as a kick-ass movie heroine. But I digress.

Says DH:

Jolie will play a CIA officer fingered as a Russian sleeper agent out to assassinate the president. She escapes capture and fights to reunite with her family and prove she’s not a traitor.

I predict a lot of running by Angelina Jolie. Let’s hope she’s bulked up a bit (i.e. ate some dame cheeseburgers) since her appearance as an emaciated bag of bones in “Wanted”. For God’s sake, every time she had to fire one of those big handguns onscreen, I was afraid the poor girl’s wrists would snap like a twig against the recoils. But I digress.

I believe Phillip Noyce (“Clear and Present Danger”) is still attached to direct.

Below: “Take that, Tom Cruise! I’m taking Katie Holmes next!”