Edwin A. Salt Will Never, Ever Get Made. Probably.

Tom Cruise was supposed to star, but because of a combination of being a nut and generally being a nut, he was dumped and replaced with Angelina Jolie. Of course that meant a complete retooling of the movie, as the original had Cruise as a male CIA agent accused of being a Russian defector, and who must go on the run to clear his name. And while, in certainly lights Jolie could pass for a dude (if, you know, you’re also half-blind and electricity was never invented), the script would have to get a title change as well as a gender switch to accommodate its new star. Now it’s sounding like Jolie might not be available to assay the lead in “Edwin A. Salt” (what would be the female equivalent of that, Edwina A. Salt?) after all.

Someone who knows someone told IGN that, due to various issues, but mostly because of her recently upturned schedule post-twins pregnancy, Jolie may have to bail on the movie. Says IGN:

We’ve been informed that Jolie may have to drop out due to the needs of her newborn twins and thus might not be able to meet the picture’s start date. While it’s not official yet, Jolie’s departure from Salt certainly appears likely.

So, “Edwina A. Salt”, then?

Anyways, Phillip Noyce was supposed to direct. With emphasis on supposed. But hey, I think Tom Cruise is still available. Did anyone call Maverick yet?

Below: The Cruise signals his willingness to return.

Tom Cruise in Top Gun