El Rey’s Matador is Ready to Play with a New Extended Trailer

Nicky Whelan and Gabriel Luna in Matador

If I had the El Rey Channel (or I knew where to find it, or go about looking for it), I would totally watch their new spy drama “Matador.” Putting aside that it’s about (barf) soccer, it’s a slick looking show and I’m assuming there won’t be a lot of soccer playing (snore) to take away from all the spying and pretty girls and fightin’ and junk. Looks good to me.

Check out a new extended trailer for the upcoming show, due on the air next month. Just in time for you to go looking for the El Rey Channel. Have you tried looking in the backyard?

“Matador” chronicles the unlikely rise of Tony “Matador” Bravo (Gabriel Luna), a popular soccer star who comes to be known as much for his playboy antics off the field as his dynamic moves on it. But what his fans and family don’t realize is that it’s all a cover-in truth, he is a skilled covert operative executing missions for a little-known branch of the CIA. “Matador” has the kind of fame and notoriety that affords him access to powerful circles of corruption and villainy. But, in balancing the dueling roles in which he’s been cast, he will be forced to confront the question of his true identity… and it is this mission which will prove to be his most dangerous.

The cast includes Gabriel Luna, Alfred Molina, Nicky Whelan, Neil Hopkins, Tanc Sade, Yvette Monreal, Elizabeth Peña, Julio Oscar Mechoso, Louis Ozawa Changchien, Sammi Rotibi, Jonny Cruz, Isabella Gomez and Peter Gadiot.

It’s game time on the El Rey Channel this July 15th.

Matador TV Series Poster