Elf: The Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Review

Just in time for Christmas — er, Thanksgiving (close enough, right?), comes the “Elf” Ultimate Collector’s Edition, which is currently available in DVD and Blu-ray package from Warner Home Video. If you’re looking for a gift to give someone this Holiday season, you could certainly do a lot worst. Of course, it probably helps if the person you’re giving this to is a fan of Will Ferrell, because like most Will Ferrell movies, you either dig the guy or you don’t. “Elf” is one of his earlier hits, and the Ultimate Collector’s Edition comes pretty stuffed with goodies for the winter season.

This holiday season, it is better to give than to receive! Stuff your stockings with the magical comedy Elf, available in an Ultimate Collector’s Edition on Blu-ray and DVD from Warner Home Video October 26, 2010. This delightfully heartwarming and hilarious holiday tale has been supersized just in time for gift giving and loaded with fun holiday goodies that will spread holiday cheer and smiles… because smiling is Buddy’s favorite! The Elf Ultimate Collector’s Edition arrives in a collectible holiday tin filled with an Elf CD soundtrack sampler, a festive holiday stocking, gift tags and a magnetic picture frame (perfect for showing off those smiles). This is one Ultimate Collector’s Edition that will jingle everyone’s bells this holiday season!

Movie Review:

So how does a human boy end up in the North Pole where he grows up thinking he’s an elf? A really, really huge, gawky looking elf? It’s all Santa’s fault, of course. But once baby Buddy grows up into Will Ferrell, raised by our narrator Papa Elf (Bob Newhart), he begins to wonder where he came from, eventually leading to a trip to the “big city” to find his father, the grouchy Walter (played by the grouchy James Caan). Hilarity, as they say, ensue.

Before re-reviewing “Elf”, I took a look at my original review of the movie from six years ago, and I have to admit, I sounded pretty grouchy about it back then. I mean, I didn’t exactly tear it a new one, but I had issues with it. After seeing it again, I’ve come to the conclusion that I must have been crazy. The film has really grown on me, especially the movie’s jolly, carefree mood. And Ferrell is just as good in it as I remembered, if not more so. The guy looks utterly ridiculous and cornball, and completely believable.

Jon Favreau’s direction seems more assured six years later, and James Caan is still hilarious in it. Who knew you could be so funny by not being funny? Caan’s got that down. When we first see him, Walter is sticking it to a nun. (No, I don’t mean it in that way.) There’s a reason Walter is on Santa’s naughty list, after all. It’s up to Buddy to reform his human dad and make him see the true spirit of Christmas and all the rest of that jolly stuff.

If you haven’t seen “Elf”, I recommend giving it a try, especially with Christmas on the horizon. I know it’s mostly cheesy and silly, but it’s innocuous enough, and frankly, if you can’t bring yourself to like it, you’ve got coal in your pants.

Ultimate Collector’s Edition Review:

First thing’s first: the box that the Ultimate Collector’s Edition comes in is essentially an aluminum can, which I suppose is a novel idea, and it certainly makes for easy gift wrapping. (Save money on a gift box and all that.) But it’s also pretty unwieldy once you open it up. Though it comes crammed with goodies, I’m not sure how useful it’ll be once the package has been, if you will, unwrapped. Then again, I guess you could always use it as a storage box for loose change or cookies or what have you. Your mom might find it a handy cookie jar.

Besides the film itself (in DVD or Blu-ray), the Collector’s Edition comes with an “Elf” Soundtrack Sampler CD with five songs, a magnetic picture frame (with Will Ferrell’s face, though you can swap it out with one of your own, presumably), an actual, er, stocking (honestly, people still hang stockings?), and two pages worth of gifting labels (featuring Will Ferrell’s mug, so you’ll probably want to use them on gifts to people who, you know, like Will Ferrell).

Blu-Ray Special Features:

  • 11 minutes of deleted scenes
  • Fact track reveals history, facts and trivia about the movie
  • 90 Minutes of behind-the-scenes featurettes
  • Fun and Games: Buddy’s Adventure Game, Elf Karaoke, Read-Along, Elf Karaoke and more.
  • Feature-length commentary by director Jon Favreau and star Will Ferrell
  • Theatrical trailer

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