Eli Roth’s Next Film is the Horror-Comedy Trailer Trash

So what’s up next for Eli Roth, the mastermind behind the “Hostel” movies, who has already declared that “Hostel 2” will be his last in the burgeoning franchise? (I get the feeling some producer somewhere is getting ready to squirt out a couple of crappy sequels to cash in on the “Hostel” name as soon as Roth steps out the door. Wait for it, wait for it…) Anyhoo, according to MTV, Roth’s next movie, a horror-comedy called “Trailer Trash”, will be “an outrageous movie similar to the phony ‘Thanksgiving’ trailer (see below) he shot for buddy Quentin Tarantino’s most recent cinematic adventure”, the bomb-a-rific “Grindhouse”.

Roth plans to employ several of his fellow “Splat Pack” directors, including Edgar Wright (“Shaun of the Dead”), Robert Rodriguez (“Sin City”) and fx/make-up maestro Greg Nicotero. He’ll shoot the flick in-between other projects, and plans to get the cameras rolling soon. As for other “Trash” details, Roth said he’ll move the project forward with one mantra in mind: “[I just want viewers to] get drunk, turn off your brain, and have a fun time laughing.”

I haven’t seen the “Hostel” movies, but Roth’s “Cabin Fever” is one of my favorite horror-comedies of the decade.

“Hostel 2” opens this Friday.

Here’s Eli Roth’s fake “Thanksgiving” trailer from “Grindhouse”: