Elijah Wood Stalks Sasha Grey in First Open Windows Poster

Elijah Woods in Open Windows (2013) Movie Image

Actually, he’s trying to save her. But if I were to just go by this first poster for “Timecrimes” director Nacho Vigalondo’s latest thriller “Open Windows”, it would look like Frodo Baggins is continuing his current streak of playing slightly unhinged guys, starting with the slasher flick “Maniac”.

“Open Windows” co-stars former adult film actress turned respective actress Sasha Grey, and is described as “an innovative, high-tech suspense thriller unfolding on the screen of a laptop connected to the Internet.” It has Woods playing a fellow who attempts to locate Grey, an actress who has been kidnapped “by vicious villain Chord”, who is being played by Neil Maskell (“Pusher”).

The whole thing will apparently be shot entirely from the screen of a laptop computer, which is interesting, because wasn’t “Maniac” also shot entirely from the point of view of the killer?

Here’s a Spanish news report on the movie, and you can see from the way they’re shooting the action that it looks like the movie will be seen from a camera’s POV:

Open Windows (2013) Movie Poster

Via : Bloody-Disgusting