Elisabeth Shue in Piranha 3-D

Elisabeth ShueYes, it’s such a slow news day, that I’m actually lowering myself to reporting on casting notices for creature feature movies. You know, those films about killer animals? This one has former ’80s sweetheart Elisabeth Shue (remember her? she went from “cute girl next door” roles in “The Karate Kid” and “Adventures in Babysitting” to rough trade hooker on the strip in “Leaving Las Vegas”?) signing on to star. It’s not just piranhas, it’s piranhas in 3D! Which is, like, three times as dangerous, I hear.

The news was first rumored by Fearnet, but has since been confirmed by Moviehole, who describes Shue’s character in the flick as Sherrif Julie Forester, one of them take-charge dames and single mom, whose son gets into the thick of things when fish trouble surfaces in their little (one presumes) lakeside community. Much gnawing ensue.

Normally a project like this doesn’t interest me (it sounds so typically generic, don’t you think?), but the fact that Frenchman Alexandre Aja (“Mirrors”, “High Tension”) is directing makes me a tad curious. Aja hasn’t really been able to match the sheer nastiness of his “High Tension”, and I doubt this will be it, but the fact that someone this talented when it comes to orchestrating kills is doing a killer fish movie — well, that sounds like all sorts of fun to me.