Elisha Cuthbert to Get In More Trouble on 24

Oh, Kim Bauer, will you never run into a gun-toting maniac, wild cougars in the mountains, imminent nuclear explosions, or stumble into a grocery store robbery? Well sure, she could avoid all those things, but what would be the fun of having Kim Bauer around, then? Word from entertainment mag Entertainment Weekly is that Elisha Cuthbert, who plays Jack Bauer’s predicament-prone daughter Kim on the show for a few seasons before leaving, then returning in spurts, will make her triumphant return to the show for its seventh season.

Says EW:

Ladies and gentleman, we’ve got a signed contract! Sources confirm to me exclusively that Cuthbert has inked a deal to reprise her role as Jack’s lightning rod of an offspring for a season-ending arc that will no doubt trigger a new round of wholly outdated and painfully unfunny cougar jokes. Per my 24 mole, Kim will return minus her old beau (sorry, C. Thomas Howell) and plus a child! That’s right, Kim’s got a little puma all her own!

The last time we saw Kim Bauer, it was in Season 5. We learned that Kim had been seeing a psychiatrist who seemed to be controlling her (played by C. Thomas Howell), and wasn’t exactly herself. Of course, her sudden appearance inside CTU coincided with the building becoming besieged. Yup, Kim Bauer, quite possibly the unluckiest person alive. Well, next to her dad, that is.

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