Eliza Dushku and Adam Rayner Fronting a New The Saint TV Series

Adam Rayner in Hunted TV SeriesLooks like The Saint is about to get a second lease on TV — and this is not to be mistaken with the movie franchise that RKO Pictures announced they were trying to put together earlier this year. (There hasn’t been any updates on that since, by the way.)

Instead, “The Saint” will be returning to TV as a new show, with “Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s” Eliza Dushku set to star. No, that doesn’t mean The Saint will be turned into a chick ala “Battlestar Galactica”. Dushku will co-star, with “Hunted’s” Adam Rayner taking over the titular role of Simon Templer.

Templer is “a brilliant criminal who uses his considerable illicit skills as a modern-day Robin Hood as he infuriates local law enforcement and woos Patricia Holm (Dushku), his on-again, off-again romance.”

You may know Rayner as one of the stars of the BBC/Cinemax’s action-adventure spy show “Hunted”, where he played one of the men in superspy Melissa George’s life. (That show, by the way, may or may not have been canceled, depending on who you talk to.)

Ex-Bond Roger Moore originally played the character in the ’60s TV series, before the character made his jump to Hollywood with the 1997 movie starring Val Kilmer and Elisabeth Shue. Moore was apparently roped into the production as one of its producers, though the real work will be done by Jesse Alexander, who wrote the script adn will stay on as show-runner.

“The Expendables 2’s” Simon West will direct the pilot.

The show currently has no network attached, though I doubt if that’ll take very long.

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Via : Deadline