Eliza Dushku and D.B. Sweeney Land Leads on Two New Cable Shows

And hopefully this time, poor Eliza Dushku, who just looks better and better with each new hour-long TV show that surfaces only to get canceled a year later, will actually get more than a couple of highly combustible seasons worth of shows to show off her wares. Of course, it probably helps that she’s no longer playing in the “ratings now or else!” sandbox that is the FOX network for once, as she’s signed on to play the lead in the new cop show “Bird Dog” for TNT:

Deadline has more on the show’s plot:

Bird Dog is a mystery fashioned around an unlikely partnership of two cops who happen to be father and daughter. It centers on Gail McGrath (Dushku), who followed in her father’s footsteps in becoming a police officer but had little else in common with him. She left the big city she had grown up in to move to a small Pacific Northwestern town where she was patrolling the streets until her dad, a NYC cop, showed up on her front doorstep to join her as her new partner. Now this father-daughter team, call sign “Bird Dog,” is being put to the test — not only in solving crimes, but with each other.

“Bird Dog” is from creator Mike Robe (“Hawthorne”), who will script and direct the pilot.

Meanwhile, over at TBS, D.B. Sweeney has finally landed a regular gig on TV as something other than the slimy bad guy, a role he’s been typecast in for the last, oh, I don’t know, decade or so? In fact, Sweeney will be playing the lead in TBS’ new crime show “Brain Trust” from Marco Schnabel (“The Librarian” franchise).

The premise goes thusly:

Centers on Detective Billy Doyle (Sweeney), whose career and life have hit rock bottom after he accidentally ends his partner’s career. Doyle’s life gets turned around, however, when a recent murder case gets unexpected and unconventional help from three hyper-smart geniuses from a private think tank. If Doyle can survive the chaos and keep these new partners in line, they just may be the antidote to resurrect his career and, ultimately, his life.

“Brain Trust” is also from producer Dean Devlin, a former Hollywood Event Film specialist who has found a lot of success on TV with shows like TNT’s “Leverage” and those “Librarian” movies from Schnabel.

Hey, I’m just happy to see Dushku getting another crack at weekly TV work and D.B. Sweeney playing something other than a slimy bad guy on TV.