Eliza Dushku Looks Hot and Kills Some Dudes for No Real Reason

So, ran across this video on Zap2it starring former “Dollhouse” babe Eliza Dushku. There doesn’t seem to be any real context here, and looks like an action scene demo reel for the director, Freddie Wong. The “story” has actor Jayson Floyd playing Wong’s “protege”, who is sent to rescue a “damsel in distress” played by Eliza Dushku. Of course, it wouldn’t be Eliza Dushku if she didn’t kick plenty of ass herself.

Like I said, no real point to this, but it looks pretty cool. The action is very nicely shot, and however they’re putting the effects together, they did a pretty bang-up job.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes of the shoot, which, amusingly, is almost twice as long as the actual video: