Elizabeth Banks is Laura Bush in Oliver Stone’s W

Well this kinda sucks. I was hoping they would call this movie “Bush”, but instead they’re going with “W”. Why do I prefer the “Bush” title? Um, because I can make punny headlines like, “Elizabeth Banks Hates Bush”, “Oliver Stone Likes Bush”, etc. Get it? I know, childish as hell, but you know, you gotta find things like that to amuse yourself when you’re slapping anywhere from five to ten news items a day on the site. Anyhoo. Stone’s latest addition to his cast is Elizabeth Banks, who is currently in negotiations to play Laura Bush.


Stone, who wrote the screenplay with his “Wall Street” collaborator Stanley Weiser, has said he plans to make “a fair, true portrait” of Bush, focusing on such areas as his relationship with his father, President George H.W. Bush, his wild youth, and his conversion to Christianity.

She will be joining Josh Brolin (“No Country for Old Men”), who is already signed up to assay Dubya.

The movie, of course, will be a biopic on the life and times of U.S. President George W. Bush, aka The Devil, according to 99% of everyone in Hollywood. I am curious to see how Stone will juggle the strange dichotomy Liberals and Bush-haters have about the man: in one respect, they believe him to be the most evil, diabolical man in the world, orchestrating wars and world events for profit; but then they continue to insist he is the dumbest man alive. How can he both be so? Is there, like, a doppelganger? A twin? One smart, the other dumb as a rock? Maybe Stone can shed a light on that.

Elizabeth Banks is Laura Bush in Oliver Stone’s W