Elizabeth Banks Joins Man on a Ledge

Elizabeth Banks has joined the growing cast of Summit Entertainment’s heist flick “Man on a Ledge”. She joins a cast that includes leading man Sam Worthington as the titular man on the ledge, Jamie Bell, and Anthony Mackie of “Hurt Locker” fame.

Asger Leth will direct the film, which will find Banks playing a hostage negotiator who tries to talk Worthington’s character, an ex-cop accused of a crime he didn’t commit, down from the ledge. The two have a past relationship, and Banks’ character is unaware that Worthington’s suicide attempt is just a stunt to keep the cops busy while something else is going down.

“Man on a Ledge” is scheduled to shoot in New York this November.

Banks is coming off “The Next Three Days” opposite Russell Crowe, where she played a wanted fugitive. I guess she’s tired of running from the law.