Elizabeth Banks Rampaging in Extended Red Band Trailer for Walk of Shame

Elizabeth Banks, Sarah Wright and Gillian Jacobs in Walk of Shame (2014) Movie ImageElizabeth Banks, Sarah Wright and Gillian Jacobs in Walk of Shame (2014) Movie Image

Okay, so it’s officially a Red Band trailer, and it’s indeed extended, but honestly, the lack of raunch here is, er, a bit disappointing. Which makes me wonder if the movie really is Rated R or if it’s just a hard PG-13. (Heh. I said “hard.” Because, see, there are penises and sex and acts involving sucking in the trailer. Get it? GET IT???) Ahem. Anyways, check out the latest Red Band trailer for director Steven Brill’s “Walk of Shame.”

I see a surprise hit, folks. Or maybe I just need my eyes check. Either/or.

After losing an audition for her dream job, an aspiring Los Angeles TV news anchor goes out for an uncharacteristic night of partying. She awakes in a stranger’s bed to a phone message from her agent telling her the job is hers, if she can make it across town by 5 pm. Stranded in an unknown area without money, a phone, and a car, she embarks on a series of misadventures as she races to the most important job interview of her life.

Starring Elizabeth Banks, James Marsden, Gillian Jacobs and Sarah Wright.

Rampaging this May 2nd.