Elizabeth Banks to Star in Remake of Korean Horror Movie A Tale of Two Sisters

Also from the Hollywood Reporter comes news that Elizabeth Banks will play the female lead in the upcoming Hollywood remake of the South Korean horror movie “A Tale of Two Sisters”. In the film, two teen girls return home from a stint at a mental institution to a wicked stepmother (Banks, we presume) and an uncaring father, and supernatural happenings start to occur. (Read our very positive review of the original here.) The original was directed by Ji-woon Kim, and was a commercial and critical hit internationally in 2003. The American version will be directed by brothers Thomas and Charles Guard, and begin shooting in July in Shreveport, La.

The American version was written by Craig Rosenberg, with rewrites from Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro.

Elizabeth Banks is most known for her role in the comedy hit “The 40-Year Old Virgin”, but geeks might know her more from playing Betty Brant (cranky JJ Jonah’s secretary) from all three “Spider-Man” movies.

No word on who will play the spooky sisters, but may I suggest — The Olsen Twins?

As a matter of fact, there were rumors a few years ago that the Olsens were in talks to star in the remake, but that movie never happened. May we suggest a resurrection of that idea? God knows those girls are creepy enough, now all someone has to do is plug them into a horror movie…

Creepy, right?