Elizabeth Hurley Will Menace the New Wonder Woman on TV

When you think TV villains, you think … Elizabeth Hurley? Not quite, but maybe that’ll all change when David E. Kelley’s Grrl Power TV show aka the new “Wonder Woman” airs on NBC with Adrianne Palicki as the Amazonian princess with a, er, business empire to run.

Hurley has let the cat out of the bag via her Twitter account (via CBM) that she’s landed the gig of the “evil villain” on the comic book show. Which begs the question, why add the “evil” part to the villain? Is there such a thing as a “good villain?” A “kinda bad villain”? Anyways, according to previous leaks of the pilot script, Hurley will probably be playing Veronica Cale, who is described as “an evil scientist and rival businesswoman with a secret, nefarious plan.” Cause, obviously, nefarious plans NOT kept secret is just downright silly.

Anyways, former “Friday Night Lights” alum Palicki will play Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman for Kelley. Jeffrey Reiner will direct the pilot.

Elizabeth Hurley