Ellen Page Drops Out of Drag Me to Hell

I guess Sam Raimi isn’t “King of the Underworld” after all, because his latest leading lady, almost-Oscar winner Ellen Page has dropped out of his latest, the indie horror “Drag me to Hell”, citing concerns about the script. Or did she? There are conflicting reports on the matter.

The boys at Bloody-Disgusting had this to say about Page’s leave:

We have confirmed this afternoon that young Oscar nominated star Ellen Page (Juno, Hard Candy) has dropped out of Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell and that they are currently re-casting the role. We’re told that “she didn’t like the latest draft of the script,” which I’m sure is completely BS – I bet this is just a case of “I almost won an Oscar cold feet”. Good riddance I say. Universal’s film, which will be directed by Sam Raimi, is a morality tale about the unwitting recipient of a supernatural curse.

Hours after BD’s post, AICN posted this official press release from the production:

Ellen Page is no longer available for Sam Raimi’s supernatural thriller Drag Me to Hell due to scheduling conflicts caused by a change in the start date of the production.

The film is directed by Sam Raimi and written by Raimi and his brother Ivan.

In a joint statement from Ghost House Pictures and Mandate Pictures:

“We were racing to start production so that we could accommodate Ellen’s schedule. But like so many other productions trying to start before the potential SAG strike date, this one needed more time and we had to push back the start of production.”

On the one hand, BD, who is unofficial, says Page dropped out because she apparently didn’t like the script, but the public face is that it was scheduling conflicts. Who to believe? Oh well. I guess Sam Raimi will just have to get someone else to “drag to hell”…

Ellen Page Drops Out of Drag Me to Hell