Ellen Page Will be Drag to Hell for Sam Raimi

Ellen Page sure picked a whopper of a movie to star in post-“Juno”, her breakthrough hit. She’ll be starring in Sam Raimi’s first directorial effort since the Spidey films, the indie-budgeted “Drag Me to Hell”, which Raimi wrote with bro Ivan. According to previous reports, “Hell” is supposed to be Raimi’s return to his “Evil Dead” days — minus the “excessive violence”. But we can at least count on a Bruce Campbell cameo, right?


Universal will distribute in North America, Germany, Spain and Latin America. Mandate International will handle all other international territories. ” Hell” will be produced by Tapert, Grant Curtis and Josh Donen and executive produced by Nathan Kahane and Joe Drake.

It will be the first feature Raimi directs for Ghost House, which has turned out such titles as “The Grudge” movies, “Boogeyman” and “30 Days of Night.”

Shooting starts March 17 in Los Angeles.

Ellen Page Will be Drag to Hell for Sam Raimi