Ellie Church Has Murder On Her Mind In The New Time To Kill Poster

Time To Kill (2013) Movie Poster

The folks at Mostly Harmless Pictures are currently spreading the good word about their upcoming revenge flick “Time to Kill.” In order to make sure people remember their 70’s exploitation-inspired thriller, the filmmakers have placed star Ellie Church front and center on the new poster. You can find this tantalizing slice of promotional artwork embedded below.

Mostly Harmless Pictures had this to say in the official press release:

Introducing the first teaser poster for the upcoming “Time to Kill” from Mostly Harmless Pictures, starring Ellie Church. “Time to Kill” is in the vein of the classic exploitation revenge films, and follows Sara and the final 24 hours of her life. When time’s running out, there’s no time to lose, there’s only TIME TO KILL.

Although I probably would have watched the movie anyway — my love of revenge cinema borderlines on disturbing — I was pretty much sold when I spied the spiky bra. Here’s hoping they put that thing to good use. To learn more about Mostly Harmless Pictures and “Time to Kill,” swing by the official Facebook page. Before you head out, drool over the one-sheet below.

Time To Kill (2013) Movie Poster