Blunt, Hopkins, and Del Toro in Wolfman; Damon in Green Zone

The guys over at Empire Online has your first look at Emily Blunt and Anthony Hopkins from “The Wolfman”, including a look at star Benicio Del Toro minus hairiness. I know it’s hard to tell the difference between a wolfen Del Toro and a normal looking Del Toro, but take our word for it, this is Del Toro’s Laurence character sans wolf make-up. Joe Johnston directs, replacing original director Mark Romanek, who left the project due to “creative differences”, which in Hollywood parlance could mean anything from the studio not giving Romanek the budget he wanted to his agent failing to negotiate purple M&Ms in his daily breakfast bowl.

So what’s the flick about, Charlie Brown?

Based on the 1941 classic of the same name, The Wolfman tells of Lawrence Talbot, an actor (Del Toro) who returns to the home of his estranged father (Hopkins) after the death of his brother. Familial awkwardness becomes the least of his problems when he is attacked and bitten by a wolf and quickly takes on hairy, toothy qualities whenever the moon rises. Emily Blunt plays Gwen Conliffe, a woman for whom Lawrence develops an affection and who, to further complicate matters, was the fiancee of his brother.

I guess this means Gwen better learns to like it doggy style, huh?

Image from The Wolfman

Also from Empire Online, this official pic of Matt Damon as a CIA/military type in Paul Greengrass’ “Green Zone”, about the occupation of Iraq. Now picture it with moving, seasickness-inducing camerawork.

Matt Damon in Green Zone