Eminem and Call of Duty: Ghosts Drop a Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

Call of Duty Ghosts Game Image

If you’re already tired of playing “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2”, then don’t worry, kids, there will be new maps for you to frag your buddies in, and new weapons with which to do it with just around the corner, with Activision gearing up “Call of Duty: Ghosts” for this November as they are wont to do. Until then, check out a new reveal trailer for the game’s online multiplayer mode, aka the only reason 90% of you buy this game in the first place.

It looks groovy, with some new stuff combined with the old stuff. Basically, nothing that will take the normal COD gamer more than a few seconds to get the hang off once they pop it into their PS3 (or PS4?). The ability to bring back player customization was a good idea. I don’t know why this is not standard for these type of games. They just seem like such an obvious thing, the ability to make your multiplayer character look different from the 20 other guys trying to frag you in a match.

I’m still a tad disappointed this game isn’t actually about the character “Ghost” from “Modern Warfare 2” game, though, but maybe that’s just me.

“Call of Duty: Ghosts” shoots into stars this November 5th on all gaming platforms.

Not bad, but it still can’t touch the trailer for “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2”, which also features Eminem on the tracks. The editing, to match the song, is just spectacular, and looked more like a Hollywood movie: