Emma Bell to Cheat Death, Flee Death, then Eventually Succumb to Death in Final Destination 5

Hey, it’s not like I’m telling you anything that you don’t already know, right? All the Final Girls/Boys in the “Final Destination” movies end up dead, just like everybody else in the film. In fact, I can only recall one character who has survived from one “Final Destination” movie to another, and that was Ali Larter’s from the original, though if I remember correctly, she bit it in the second one.

Since then, though, all the leads have fought Death until the very end, when they think they’ve survived, only to realize — nope, Death ain’t so easy to shake. After all, it’s not like he has an appointment at the dentist or anything that would keep him from coming back to, you know, kill your dumb mortal ass.

All that is to say that Emma Bell, last seen in Adam Green’s frozen-to-death movie “Frozen”, has been cast as the female lead aka the Final Girl in the upcoming “Final Destination 5” movie.

Bell is the latest 20-something to join a cast of 20-somethings including P.J. Byrne, Tony Todd, David Koechner, Meghan Ory, Nicholas D’Agosto, Ellen Wroe, Arlen Escarpeta and Miles Fisher. Props to you if you know more than one name on that list.

Steven Quale directs the 3D horror film, which is scheduled for 2011.

'Whew. It's a good thing we defeated Death. Right, guys? Guys?'