Emma Stone and Catherine Keener Get Croods

Caveman family “The Croods” has found its matriarch and saucy daughter in Catherine Keener and Emma Stone, respectively. The two lovely lasses join the DreamWorks CG movie and Nicolas Cage, playing the patriarch of a caveman family forced to relocate from familiar surroundings by an Earthquake. The Croods find themselves out in the strange new world, where they cross paths with a nomad name Gy, played by Ryan Reynolds, who shows them there’s more to the world than their little former cave.

Keener (below) will play Ugga, the mother of the Croods, and Stone is Eep, the daughter who catches Gy’s eye. Stone is coming off the surprise hit “Zombieland”, while Keener has been working steadily since “Being John Malkovich” finally got her noticed.

Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco are directing for Dreamworks with an eye towards a March 2012 release.