Emma Watson is The Queen of the Tearling

Emma WatsonWell, she’s not actually THE Queen of the Tearling. Instead, she’ll be playing the movie’s 19-year old female lead who, I’m guessing, goes up against the Queen of the Tearling. (Then again, I could be entirely off based. It happens.)

“Queen of the Tearling” will be based on an upcoming Young Adult book that is expected to be the first of a trilogy. Of course. Because why try to write ONE great book when you can get your agent to sell it as a trilogy before you’ve even published the first book?

“The Queen of the Tearling” is being described as a “female ‘Game of Thrones'” (so does that mean it just keeps going and going with more and more pointless tangents added willy nilly without any end in sight?), and will star Watson as a spunky teenage heroine caught up in a world “set three centuries after an environmental catastrophe when a malevolent Red Queen holds considerable power.” I’m guessing she’ll also have two hunky dudes lusting after her. Doesn’t that happen in every one of these YA female-centric trilogies?

The books will be written by Erika Johansen, who we’re told was “inspired by a speech [she heard] Barack Obama give in 2007” to write the series. Damn, I must have missed that speech where Barack told me to go write a YA trilogy of books and sell it to Hollywood for millions.

Watson, who is coming off “This is The End” where she plays herself (albeit an ax-wielding version) and as lead thief in Sofia Coppola’s “The Bling Ring”, will executive produce the film alongside David Heyman, who previously worked with Watson on the “Harry Potter” movies.

Harper Collins will publish “The Queen of the Tearling”, though no word on when that will be. There are no writers (the screenwriting variety) or director attached yet.

This isn’t the first time Hollywood and the publishing world have tried to sell a book trilogy as a movie franchise even before the books came out. The “I am Number Four” series comes to mind. The third book in that series is coming out next month, though no word on the two movie sequels.

Via : Variety