Emmanuelle Vaugier Joins the Cast of Covert Affairs

For some reason, no one has given Emmanuelle Vaugier her own TV series yet, though she did flirted with one on the Sci-Fi Channel a few years back that never went anywhere. Fortunately for fans of the “House of the Dead 2” star, plenty of TV producers have cast her as a semi-regular on plenty of TV shows, including “CSI: New York”, “Human Target”, and now, “Covert Affairs”.

In USA Network’s breezy new spy show “Covert Affairs”, Vaugier will play a character described as a “fearless journalist/blogger”, which could basically be anything. She’ll be starring opposite Piper Perabo, playing a CIA agent trainee who gets promoted to the big time when the CIA brass wants to use her to capture her ex-boyfriend. Also in the cast: former “Heroes” star Sendhil Ramamurthy, and “Jake 2.0.” himself, Christopher Gorham.

The show, currently shooting in Toronto, is set to debut on the basic cable network on July 13, 2010.